Saturday, November 17, 2012

clothing haul! [11-17-12]

So last night I got paid for babysitting and decided its time to go shopping! I stopped at Ann Taylor Loft and Fox's, and got great deals! I got an adorable burgundy sweater and polka dot tights from Ann Taylor for $48 and a black sequin maxi skirt and pastel purple button down shirt for $60!!! Totally worth the splurge :) here are some pics of my purchases!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A love of Chagall [11-16-12]

Last month, my French club at school went on a field trip to an art museum featuring the famous Marc Chagall. His works were so incredibly fabulous and I've never been so inspired. We went on a guided tour and they showed us beautiful paintings by him. He is one of my favorite artists! Her are some of his works:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Strong Island & Catching up [11-15-12]

Sorry for the -lack- of posts this week. Returning from school after a two week "break" is a hassle. Tomorrow I have music theory, english, bio and global exams. So I've been very busy and managed to squeeze in a post today.

I can rapidly feel the temperature dropping and coming closer to my favorite time of year, early winter. (The reason I specify early is because by Feb. I start getting sick of pants and coats and want to go back to dresses) Thanksgiving is next week, and my family is going to the city to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and eat in a restaurant, because my family is going to my cousin's house in California and we wanted to save the money for a trip to France in the spring. I really love the city and hope to go to school or live there someday. My parents and sister hate it because of how busy it is, but i adore it.

Anyways, teachers really have to chill out. I understand the 2-week break was an inconvenience, but they are making it seem like its the apocalypse. "WE HAVE TO CRAM IN EVERYTHING AND STRESS YOU ALL OUT EVEN MORE!" And the worst part is when teacher are like "the week before holiday break, I scheduled a movie marathon, but due to Hurricane Sandy, that is no more." Why tell us? It only puts a damper on the already dampered day.

So yeah. I've been super crammed after only 3 days of school, so my apologies to anyone (if anyone actually reads this besides my beautiful friends from

heres a photo of my BFF Sandy who crushed my neighbor's car:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photograph hanger? Obsessed. [11-11-12]

So, I decided to make my own photograph hanger using my moms white sewing thread, a bunch o' clothespins, and my favorite photos from! After a whole load of browsing the Internet for "hang-worthy" pics, and cutting out each photo to make sure each was the same or relatively close in size, I was very pleased with the end result! Here's a picture:

iPhone photography. [11-11-12]

Most of these are no filter.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I See The Sea [11-10-12]

All photos taken by me using a Nikon d3100. No editing used.

DIY- magazine flower headband! [11-10-12]

A head band
An old magazine or newspaper

Step one:
Find a picture or page of a magazine you like, and cut a large circle (it doesn't have to be a perfect circle by all means).

Step two:
Find another picture you like and cut a slightly smaller circle than the last one.

Step three:
Repeat step two three more times, each time getting smaller.

Step four:
Make tape circles and stack each magazine clipping on top of each other to make a "bullseye" like thing.

Step five:
Tape the bullseye to the headband, on the side or wherever you want it.